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OBA Trading Company Limited Afghanistan was established in 2009 in Kabul Afghanistan. OBA Trading Company is the exclusive distributor for the territory of Afghanistan of felsom brand pumps (well-known Italian pumps manufacturer). The main idea behind to establish this company in Afghanistan to have a storage facility of pumps for Afghanistan and central Asia and also have a closer communication with the customers of these emerging markets.
We provide professional products to base on our voluminous and amplified expertise.
OBA Trading Company Limited Afghanistan has sufficient staff to provide the 3S support to its existing and new customers. 
OBA trading company divides the range of its product line in surface pumps, deep well submersible pumps. In deep well a new design concept is utilized where customers have the possibility to buy a submersible pumps unit in a user friendly kit shape to install and service domestically.
 The design of these submersible pumps is so smart thus it’s require very less technical expertise and minimum traditional tools to assembles and operate.
Our main idea behind this project is to maintain locally the inventory of pumps, motors, controls, spare parts and allied accessories of all range and to provide, install at customers doorstep in minimum time.
Our goal is to achieve the customer’s satisfaction.


OBA Trading Company Limited is to make significant contribution to the life quality enhancement by producing innovative pumps that work with improved performance while ensuring a high degree of reliability, energy saving efficiency and maintenance free long life operation.
OBA promotes a comprehensive range of submersible pumps, submersibles electric motors, deep well turbine pumps, centrifugal pumps, controls and associated accessories.
 In a customer driven business environment, we strive to emerge as a key market player in the field of “pumps Application “Engineering” focusing the underground fresh water.
We aspire to strengthen our market position by achieving quantum leap growth through an optimum deployment of innovative business strategies under the dedicated leadership of marketing. We are committed to achieve customer delight, grow exponentially and provide attractive returns to the stake holders.
Hence, OBA follows fair business practices and develops intimate customers’ relationship. OBA strives to improve whatever is done and how it is done and will continue to earn of our customer trust.